AscTec Trinity

/// AscTec Trinity: Up into a new era!

Now available for ordering: AscTec Falcon 8 – including AscTec Trinity. The new autopilot AscTec Trinity can be ordered for your AscTec Falcon 8 system. For our AscTec Falcon 8 the AscTec Trinity technology is from now on routinely used. We promise a new era of professional drone / UAV flight control.

/// AscTec Trinity: Advantages of the new drone / UAV autopilot

  • Triple for processing performance: Three redundant IMUs ensure quick and reliable data fusion.
  • Triple for precision: Three IMUs will permanently verify and precisely control drone / UAV position, altitude and orientation.
  • Triple for safety: Three IMUs synchronize all sensing data and would identify, signal and compensate in case of trouble.

  • Your drone / UAV will stay up in the air as long as the laws of physics allow it!
  • Even some motor failures or propulsion loss would be compensated from the autopilot AscTec Trinity.
  • Automatic adjustment of the centre of gravity in case of shift by battery, payload or lens exchange.

  • No waiting, but prompt starting after switching on.
  • More efficiency due to powerful dynamic in any single move: Faster takeoff, rising, flying, descending and landing possible.
  • Trajectory flights per drone / UAV: The AscTec Falcon 8 is able to perform exactly* reproducible 3D flights at up to 10 m/s flight speed. Means area output like no other multicopter.
  • Rapid and exact compass calibration in drone / UAV flight.
  • New USB interface for comfortable firmware and update installation to the AscTec Falcon 8.
  • Quick data transfer like (geo data, camera orientation, flight path, imaging etc.) for processing via USB.
*Within GPS accuracy

  • Next generation sensors provide significantly higher precision in the measurement of the drone’s / UAV’s speed, attitude and position.
  • Next generation micro processors calculate absolutely precisely without rounding errors, due to further decimal places.
  • Advanced algorithms and quaternions for smarter and more reliable data fusion.
  • No disorientation possible.

  • Perfect initialisation: Able to takeoff safely from any – even troubled – spots possible (e.g. vehicle, vessel, offshore…).
  • Improved wind load balancing: Accurate drone / UAV positioning possible despite wind gusts.
  • Improved resistance: Predictable flight behavior in conditions with weak GPS signals, magnetic interferences or temperature variations.
  • Full controllability due to stable attitude control in any single move: More safety from takeoff to landing.

  • All electronic hardware devices are – at least – 2 times redundant.
  • The drone / UAV autopilot AscTec Trinity would fully compensate for troubled components immediately.
  • Isolated OS (operating system) for more safety and functional operation of the flight system.
  • Automatic detection and warning in case of any electrical component’s defect.

  • Unmatched accuracy: Position adjustment down to centimetres per control stick possible.
  • For easy positioning control inputs include UAV / drone position information.
  • Considerable more precise even in weak GPS environment or at high flight speed.

/// AscTec Trinity: A new era of flight control …

AscTec Trinity is the first fully adaptive control unit (autopilot) with up to 3 levels of redundancy for multi-rotor flight systems. Using the AscTec Trinity, the AscTec Falcon 8 Octocopter UAV for professional, civil use, will be more efficient and safe in daily operation. The new autopilot “AscTec Trinity” is a complete new development based on Ascending Technologies’ 12-years-experience of innovation and progress in the field of multi-rotor systems.

/// Triple redundancy!

The AscTec Trinity is a triple redundant flight control, which is standard in commercial air­liners to ensure maximum safety. Errors in flight critical attitude sensors can be identified by automatic data comparison with two redundant units. The same applies to all communication systems relevant for control. Due to the adaptive flight control your AscTec Falcon 8 will stay up in the air as long as the laws of physics allow it. The UAV automatically compensates for sudden or enduring disturbances and will actively support the pilot to control the system.

/// Precision and robustness in challenging environments!

Another further advantage of the AscTec Trinity is the improved positioning accuracy and the better robustness against weak signals. This precision can even be guaranteed while flying at high velocity and high dynamics. External influences like magnetic interference will not affect flight performance, and the camera will always be exactly aligned with its desired orientation. You can put your trust into the flight system no matter, what you do; inspection, surveying and/or any other aerial imaging. The AscTec Falcon 8 will strictly follow your input and even react to external conditions before you may be aware of it.