Research UAV

After almost a decade of successfully supplying the research market with robust and proven flight systems the AscTec Research Line UAVs and their payloads are declared end of life by 31st March 2018. Please place your orders before December 31, 2017**.

Leading universities, research labs, institutes and companies worldwide rely on our advanced research UAV technology to design the future. You can simply integrate your programmed algorithms for testing in live flights with up to 1,000 Hz update rate and our AscTec AutoPilot as “Safety Backup”.

“It is always interesting to observe that AscTec machines are used for nearly every cutting-edge video.” Gary Mortimer, sUAS News.

/// Raise the bar & actively design future technology solutions.

  • Our sensor data processing and our inertial guidance system offered by the AscTec AutoPilot are globally unrivalled.
  • The Low Level Processor (LLP) ensures a highly stable flight attitude of your flight system: The LLP is the data controller and processes all sensor data and performs the data fusion of all relevant information with an update rate of 1 kHz!
  • The High Level Processor (HLP) allows you to control your flight system according to your c-code: Take control over the flight system with your control algorithms.

  • Simply implement your own c-code algorithms in any of our flight systems of the AscTec Research Line.
  • Various interfaces such as FireWire, GigaEthernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0, mSATA & SATA, microSD & CFast provide efficient data transfer options.
  • Our high-performance onboard computerization can be configured up to a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor – available for AscTec Firefly and AscTec Pelican.

  • The inertial guidance system provides highest precision through advanced sensor technology and two ARM7 microprocessors.
  • Safe testing thanks to the Safety Switch function: While testing your control commands and maneuvers, you can simply switch back into safe mode to allow the well-proven AscTec AutoPilot to take control.
  • Telemetry in real-time: All necessary system information such as GPS position, height, velocity, battery load, link and GPS quality is displayed live.
  • Sensor output check: All important sensor values and system parameters are checked automatically before each flight.
  • 3 emergency modes: The pilot can choose one of three emergency modes to determine the automatic landing in case of link loss:

/// Worldwide for UAV research & development.

  • From Ars Electronica to Zhejiang University. From Siemens to Alstom. From Cyberhawk to Sky Futures.
  • Those and many other companies already use our flight systems and benefit from our “Amazing Technology”.

  • UAV Computer Vision: Systems Theory, Control Theory, Automated Flight Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Engineering Design, Visual Servoing, Image Processing, Feature Detection, Tracking, SLAM …
  • UAV Flight Dynamic: Flight System Dynamics, Automatic Flight Control Systems, Basic Stabilization, Modelling, Simulation and Flight Mechanics, Augmented Dynamic Inversion Control, High Agility UAV, Guidance System, Navigation, Adaptive Control, Control Devices …
  • Visual UAV 3D SLAM: Visual SLAM Techniques, Computer Vision-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Autonomous 3-D Orientation, GPS Independence, Outdoor and Indoor Civilian Infrastructure Inspection, Environmental Events Detection, Environmental Events Tracking, Visual Security Applications.
  • UAV Swarming: Autonomous Navigation, Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Flight Control Systems, Operational Effectiveness, Automated Aerospace Systems, Pilotless Aircraft Systems, Autonomous Navigation and Guidance.

* Programming and flight technique knowledge are required for the practical operation of our research flight systems. Please notice that some substantial information is only available in English.

** Last product discontinuance order date: Dec 31, 2017. Given stock availability.