Professional UAV

/// For professional UAV users and experts we offer:

The AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity technology is the most advanced multicopter for professional aerial imaging in full-HD quality. Our inertial guidance system is unrivalled. Rely on a well-proven and tested multirotor flight system for aerial imaging, industrial inspection, surveying, mapping and monitoring. Now available including new 3x safe autopilot technology: AscTec Trinity.

„Every mission, every target, every workday a safe business. We promise: AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity is delightfully reliable.“ Jan Stumpf, CEO, Ascending Technologies.

/// Benefit from long-lasting product improvement & advanced solutions.

  • Possible savings for your company through immediate usability and exactly reproducible flight routes.
  • There is a deeply integrated, automatically identified camera option for any aerial imaging application.
  • You control flight system and camera directly with the Mobile Ground Station.
  • Real one- and two-man operation through intelligent auto functions and highly precise GPS-based navigation.
  • Made in Germany and proven worldwide for over 5 years.

  • Smallest and lightest flight system for 36 MP images: 2.3 kg (max. take-off weight) – 770 x 820 x 125 mm.
  • 360° field of view enabled by patented V-form (propellerless imaging at any time).
  • Resistant to magnetic fields.
  • Safety through true redundancy in software & hardware.

  • Using UAVs saves time and budget! Traditional methods are more expensive and sometimes risky.
  • The AscTec Falcon 8 operates low-noise, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Manageable material and education costs for flight system, pilot training and licenses.
  • Very low personnel costs due to real one-man operation.
  • Authorities worldwide know the reliability and safety of our flight systems and will be glad to provide takeoff permissions.
  • The high quality of the results as well as the user-friendly software and hardware solutions will increase your productivity.
  • Our payload concept enables flexible usage and quick exchange of camera options, depending on your individual requirements.

  • Some of our customers are market leaders in their segment.
  • Leading technical universities, research labs, institutes and companies worldwide use our advanced flight systems to design the future and work with it successfully.
  • Rely on our expertise: Since we are pioneers of multirotor technology we provide farsighted and sustainable products, services and consultation.
  • Get a clear price advantage through quick, targeted flight missions.
  • Connect your company with one of the last visionary future technologies.

/// Comply with highest demands – worldwide.

  • From Ars Electronica to Zhejiang University. From Siemens to Alstom. From Cyberhawk to Sky Futures.
  • Those and many other companies already use our flight systems and benefit from our “Amazing Technology”.

  • Surveying of objects and ground on the basis of orthographic photos to generate point clouds, volume calculations, digital height and 3D models.
  • Industrial inspection of solar parks, wind parks, power lines, engines and plants, buildings and industrial parks. Offshore oil, gas and power plants and utilities – on- and offshore.
  • Aerial images & photography: Advertising photography, product photography, real estate photography, landscape photography, up to 360° spherical panoramas, Point-of-Interest (POI) imaging and Circle-of-Interest (COI) imaging.
  • Aerial movies & videography: Image, advertising and product spots, music clips, sport & extreme sports footage.
  • Monitoring: Condition-analysis and target-analysis to document construction sites, structural monitoring, sound barrier and wall monitoring, excavation documentation, plant and wildlife preservation and conservation, or any kind of first-responder activities in crisis regions.