AscTec Hummingbirds as drones for construction sites

2. December 2011

Can you imagine automated drones being able to build complex constructions? Flying robots, the construction builders of tomorrow? Take a glance at these AscTec Hummingbirds: Maybe the future drones for construction sites.

The ETH Zurich around the well-known drone R&D specialist Raffaelo D’Andrea demonstrated auspicious aspects of that drone research in Orléans, France. Piece by piece some pre-programmed AscTec Hummingbirds arrange bricks properly to form a tower. With remarkable precision and consistance those tiny microdrones from Krailling, Germany do work. A motion capture system enables automated navigation and positioning of the unmanned flying robots. Yes, indeed: Drones for construction sites could be reality soon. Just like that autonomous robots, which can do the job of building workers, constructing a six meter high tower without any human intervention!

“Flying robots, the builders of tomorrow” is a project by Gramazio & Kohler, Raffaelo D’Andrea in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.