UAV Technology

/// Leading aircraft solutions for rotary-wing & autopilot technology.

Ascending Technologies is leading develo­per and manufacturer of autopilot systems, aircraft systems and multi-rotor technology for professional, commercial and civil UAS applications as well as research and development. For this purpose Ascending Technologies achieves pioneer work in sensor data processing and flight attitude control. Due to unique in-house development capabilities, the Bavarian company sets new UAS market trends based upon key technologies. Our unmanned aircraft systems serve providers and groups as a professional sensing flight platform. The UAVs are highly efficient high-tech instruments producing high-resolution aerial imagery like RGB stills and videos, multispectral and geo data. Well over 1,000 of our unique aircraft solutions are in frequent operation worldwide. Profit from the expertise of pioneers in unmanned aviation & experience advanced German engineering.

/// Innovative UAV technologies – shaping & establishing.

Since 2002 the founders of Ascending Technologies have developed and improved autopilot, flight and multi-rotor systems to enhance UAV technology. Officially the company was founded in 2007 to offer the innovative products in great demand worldwide. A close relation and cooperation with leading technology institutes and universities like the DLR (German Aviation Association), The TU Munich and the MIT in the USA as well as the technologically unique developing performance and quality of the flight systems, autopilots and micro components led to a real success story. Today the company with almost 100 employees generates an additional GBP of several millions at the location in Krailling near Munich, Germany.

/// Current R & D projects in UAV technologies:

  • EuRoC „European Robotics Challenge“: UAV technology for plant inspection & servicing.
  • ANCHORS „UAV – Assisted Ad Hoc Networks for Crisis Management and Hostile Environment Sensing”: UAV technology for crisis prevention.
  • TRADR „Teaming for Robot-Assisted Disaster Response“: Human-robot teaming UAV technology in disaster response efforts.
  • Projekt „Wildretter“: UAV technology for wildlife protection during times of grassland mowing. Sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In cooperation with DLR.

/// Commitment & visions for UAV technologies & use:

  • UAV DACH: From the very beginning, Ascending Technologies have been involved with the UAV DACH umbrella organization, fostering objective discussions and sensibilization regarding the topic of drones/UAVs in several panels and boards. By information exchange, we help paving the way for the responsible use of civil drones for professional applications around the world. UAV DACH is member of the UVS International. The worldwide association for UAV technology and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) use.
  • BavAIRia – Aerospace industries in the heart of Europe: Ascending Technologies’ experts provide advice and services to the Bavarian Aerospace Association.
  • I.S.A.R. Germany – International Search and Rescue: UAV technology for human aid and first responders in crisis areas. Currently, the AscTec Falcon 8 as first responder drone supports I.S.A.R. Germany in crisis regions with the reconnaissance of difficult terrain.