Ascending Technologies at the ICRA 2013 in Karlsruhe

6. May 2013

To discuss cutting edge in robotics and automation this year’s IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation is located in Karlsruhe. Initiating the 2013 conference there will be a special flight show: Four AscTec Firefly systems will be mounted with letters and numbers to enlighten the skyline of Karlsruhe at the dawn – writing “ICRA 2013”. “After the great show over London this seems to be just a filler, but it will work and amaze the international visitors on the spot”, says Daniel Gurdan, Ascending Technologies.

Ascending Technologies (AscTec) the innovative manufacturer of aerial robotics and flying computer platforms will be at the ICRA 2013 to present product highlights and new product features. As the AscTec Software Package including AscTec Simulink Toolkit, AscTec Communication Interface, AscTec SDK V3.0, which is available for the AscTec UAVs. Visitors are invited to take a look at the technical refinement of the flying systems that may serve as basis for their research and development.

If you like to get to know Ascending Technologies take a step into the Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Saal of the Stadthalle (Ground floor). There you’ll find their booth going slightly right coming from the main entrance area or straight coming from the east side entrance.

Don’t hesitate to contact for a date right there at the ICRA 2013 in Karlsruhe.

Watch the great opening performance:

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