Aerial Wind Inspection by HUVRdata & EdgeData

3. June 2016

Optimizing drone-based aerial wind inspection services for O&M programs: HUVRdata and EdgeData just announced their plans to collaborate. The joint goal is, that shared commitments to accuracy, security and sustainable innovation will enable the wind energy industry to accelerate the adoption of UAS drones more effective and efficient.

Accelerating drone-based aerial wind inspection

Both companies are leading in aerial wind inspection services. HUVRdata based in Austin, Texas is a drone-based data analytics company using the AscTec Falcon 8 for aerial inspection providing essential data intelligence to industries including wind, solar, oil and gas and industrial agriculture. EdgeData is based in Grand Forks, Nevada. The company serves the wind energy industry with BladeEdge, an advanced analytical software suite that transforms aerial inspections into actionable intelligence. With their highly accurate automated blade condition assessments, the performance of the blade of the wind turbine can be improved as well as blade life substantially extended.

The companies will work together to accelerate software performance for the wind energy market, delivering enterprise-grade cloud-based, and on-site, data storage, and reporting tools. The optimized data management and reporting tools have the potential to serve diverse needs of wind businesses and stakeholders, taking the wind energy industry to the next level.

The scope of the collaboration spans: data capture with unmanned aircraft systems, software analytics tools, data handling and reporting. Drones already play an important role in the wind industry: Unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and aerial wind inspection services for wind turbine inspection and wind blade inspection, already provide more detailed high-resolution visual and RAW thermal inspection data than ground based inspections. Defined workflows, adequate processing, and automated condition assessment tools will make the information behind the data that much more valuable.

Wind turbine blade inspections performed by drones can reduce data capturing time to up to 90 % less than inspections with human teams.

Combined data capture & analyzing abilities

Working together HUVRdata and EdgeData will leverage multiple points of synergy between the two companies. HUVRdata’s data capture capabilities, and cloud-based services, along with EdgeData’s BladeEdge analytics software for automated blade condition assessment, will serve their customers in diverse organizational roles, benefitting everyone from the wind farm technician to the vice president of operations.

“With our shared commitments to accuracy, security and continuous innovation, EdgeData and HUVRdata make natural partners,” said Lonnie Bloomquist, CEO of EdgeData.

Increasing drone wind farm market

According to Navigant Research the revenue for wind turbine UAV sales is expected to total nearly 6USD billion by 2024. (Source:

“The use of drones for wind turbine blade inspection is proving to be more than a novelty,” says Jesse Broehl, senior research analyst with Navigant Research. “Current inspection techniques from the ground and by rope or platform access will not be replaced, however, they will increasingly be augmented by drone inspections, which bring certain advantages.”

Multi-rotor UAS like the patented V-form octocopter AscTec Falcon 8 made by Ascending Technologies, convince skeptics by showing robust stability in heavy winds, resistance against electromagnetic fields, and advanced high resolution imaging sensors. Payload options, like the Sony Alpha 7R 36 megapixel full-frame camera, for visual inspection and surveying, or the Inspection Payload TZ71 for synchronized thermal and visual data acquisition, provide particular information for reliable decision makings.

The Combination of the efficient performance and aerial imaging capabilities of such UAS drones, with data processing, analyzing and cataloging software from the collaborating companies, can only benefit the wind energy market. This tailor made solution is unlike any other on the market.

10% to 25% more performance through aerial wind inspection service!

“Our collaboration will allow the industry to accelerate the adoption of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) within O&M operations, and provide the most robust analytics and cloud based services to lower annual operating expenses,” states Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVRdata.

HUVRdata, which holds a 333 exemption for wind turbine inspections in the USA, is the first company to be accredited by the National UAS Credentialing Program. HUVRdata will be added as an EdgeData Unmanned Service Provider (USP) to provide safe, reliable turbine inspection data with civil light-weight drones.

“This partnership will give wind professionals more powerful tools for delivering ROI, with an unprecedented range and depth of data collection, analytics and reporting capabilities,” said Chris Shroyer, President of EdgeData. “It is about the data and the associated intelligence – this is the future of the wind industry.”

Visitors of  the AWEA Windpower 2016 conference in New Orleans could experience live EdgeData’s BladeEdge analytics demonstration in booth #2719 in May.

About HUVRdata: Privately held and established in 2014, Austin-based HUVRdata is a drone-based data analytics company. One of the first to receive FAA authorization for its industrial drone applications. HUVRdata focuses on providing critical data intelligence to businesses in industries including wind, solar, oil and gas and industrial agriculture. HUVRdata is backed by leading angel networks, including Central Texas Angel Network and Houston Angel Network. For more, visit

About EdgeData: EdgeData equips businesses in a variety of industries to capture and use “big data” intelligence to grow profits and market share, ensure compliance, hone competitive advantage and make data-driven decisions. EdgeData serves the wind energy market with BladeEdge, an analytical software suite that transforms aerial inspections into actionable intelligence to improve performance and extend blade life. For more, visit

About BladeEdge: BladeEdge℠ is the first software portal that transforms raw data from aerial inspections into actionable intelligence, improving wind farm safety and efficiency, ultimately extending infrastructure lifespan and reducing cost. BladeEdge℠ features include:

  • Highly accurate automated blade condition assessments.
  • Maintenance issues flagged for your attention – catch damage in the early stages.
  • Easy full-blade viewing – thousands of inspection photographs stitched together to create a single high-resolution image of each blade.
  • Smart database that tracks turbine condition over time and automates maintenance cycle planning.
  • Make informed decisions about maintenance and repair.

Learn more about BladeEdge: