3D Laser Scanning & UAV Photogrammetry

11. June 2015

2D equalisation & vectorisation of measured data

Traditional photogrammetry includes two-dimensional equalisation of digital image data. But conventional vectorisation of georeferenced imagery is quite time-consuming. By the use of high-resolution aerial imaging you achieve the required level of detail. At the same time position accuracy established by a high-tech UAV like the AscTec Falcon 8 provides precise measurement. On the basis of 3D laser scanning and UAV- / drone-based survey you can model every building and construction type three-dimensional.

Octocopter + photogrammetry = oktometry

Professional unmanned aerial vehicles serve as flying sensing platforms to inspect facades and structures. UAV / drone-supported HD imaging can minimise the need of scaffolding and lifting platforms. The AscTec Falcon 8 like no other UAV is able to reach remoted spots. Thus for photogrammetry, facade survey and facade equalisation the UAV operation is extremely meaningful. In peculiar combinated with tested, terrestrial laser scanning.

Generation of drawings by photogrammetry

Technically, you start with aerial imaging at the spot. You may do it per terrestrial or drone. In the next step you need to complete image orientation in space. 3D laser scanning enables precise processing of prismatic surfaces.

The particular is the flexible usability of the laser scan data. You can refer to generated imagery and data later to generate and further models and evaluations. Generating drawings based on photogrammetry is profitable as well. This method also lays the foundations for diverse visualisation processes.

Zimmermann & Meixner 3D WELT: Working with UAV and laser scanner provides essential information in development, planning coordination, project management, planning management, surveying and contribute to the expert opinion-making. Sustainable implementation and development of using latest UAV technology like the AscTec Falcon 8 and trueGEOvision visualisation offers demanding customers significant results in the area of 3D laser scanning, surveying, 3D visualisation, industrial survey, monument and heritage protection, facility management, wind energy and building inspection.

Please note: Ascending Technologies develops and produces multi-rotor and autopilot technology, but provides no service. For further information about UAV / drone-based survey and photogrammetry service, please directly contact Zimmermann & Meixner 3D WELT:

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