UAV extreme sport footage with the AscTec Falcon 8 at Mauritius

15. March 2013

The Boards&More group, including the North Kiteboarding, ION, Fanatic and North Sails brands, is the market leader in your water sports segment and dedicated to producing spectacular footage for your corporate films. Up till now, aerial footage had always been shot using manned helicopters, which made production inflexible and expensive. With a filming schedule booked far in advance, everything – wind, waves, light, actors – had to come together.

During filming in Mauritius, an AscTec Falcon 8 was used for all aerial shots for the first time ever. Normally we forward the request to our clients rather than providing the services ourselves, but not in this case.

Wind speeds constantly above 8 m/s and operation at up to 500 m out over open water were ideal test conditions for us. This application, at times far beyond the system specifications, was perfect for testing the new cameras and features extensively under real-life conditions. All footage was shot with the Sony CX730E.

Everyone was delighted with the UAV picture stability and quality of the aerial footage!

No-one expected such high quality video material from such a compact-sized flight system. Because of this, the material merged seamlessly into the production without major corrections.

In over 70 flights, at wind speeds between 8 and 15 m/s, starting from the boat and cramped launch platforms, everything worked perfectly. The client was delighted. The flexible application possibilities at flying altitudes from 1–300 m and the extremely short setup time scored highly in day-to-day use. The independent camera controls allowed the Comaproduktions cameramen to operate the camera themselves with no problems. Because of this, the AscTec Falcon 8 has found its way into and become accepted in the professional sector and poses a serious alternative to existing technology.

The booking for the next shoot has already been received and the helicopter has been written off for good. Our AscTec Falcon 8 has survived its baptism of fire under extreme conditions. Amazing technology!

The rider profile of Airton Cozzolino won the Nautic Video Award at the International Paris Boat Show.