AscTec Pelican wins 6th IARC competition

9. September 2013

It is no great surprise at all, but in some way satisfying: Again an AscTec Pelican won the International Aerial Robot Competition (IARC) to attest its unique flying and ‚brainpower‘ abilities as being ’state of the art‘.

This victory confirms the technological progress and constant research and development usability of our flying robot. No other UAV, ROAV or UAS was able to perform this challenge since 2010, when it had been announced

Few will know, that the recent success is the second great victory of our system. An Ascending Technologies Team in cooperation with a delegation of the Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT) already won in 2009. (Read the article on that.)

The 6th Mission of the AUVSI Foundation’s International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) Asian/Pacific Venue was held on the campus of Tsinghua University, China on August 2-4, 2013. And the team from Tsinghua University completed mission 6 in their second run with one of our bestsellers: The AscTec Pelican. The flying robot managed to make its way through the complex labyrinth, avoiding security cameras, finding the hiding place and removing the flash drive. Things to note are the fact that the vehicle was able to read the Arabic wall signs identifying various rooms within the compound. Also, since the AscTec Pelican’s air vehicle design allows 360 yaw motions, no extra weight was required to create an independent device for sweeping the area below the air vehicle in order to pick up the flash drive … instead, the vehicle simply rotates to create the sweep. In four attempts (allotted to each team), the Tsinghua THRONE team completed the entire mission in their second attempt.

Watch the winning flight, which is documented in the following video.

Link to the official website of the event: